Portrait of the Spiritual leader Dr Bill Willson, Oil on Linen Canvas, 36”x 26”. His Sunday school, with 200’000 attendees each Sunday, is the largest in the world! His organization Metro World Child, based in New York, helps to raise children all around the world.

Immortalize your best memories!

The process: We will choose from your photos (if you have the copyright) or I will do a photo shoot. The resolution of the photo has to be high resolution.

Only the best medium with oil on linen canvas are choosen! The normal lead time is two months. The delivery date, then depends on the waiting list.

The base price for an oil portrait  is $ 60 per linear inch, plus frame cost and the shipping cost.

Example: 14"x11" 

linear inch: 14'' + 11'’ = 25;  25 X $60 = $1500= Base Price

Call me at 917 856 2436 or email me for a quote, or follow the instructions below.

To the Base Price, fees are added. This will depend on the number of faces, hands and if the background is complicated or not. Click on this link to download an excel sheet that will calculate the final price for you! Thank you


Oil on linen canvas, 9”x12”

Testimony of Michael : “Good afternoon Jean-Antoine,
My wife and I want to thank you for the beautiful painting you completed on my grandchildren. Since they live out of state we do not get to see them as often as we would like. As my anniversary was coming up, my wife did not want any more jewelry, I thought of having the painting done of the grandchildren, I knew it would mean the world to her.
To my surprise not only was she thrilled, she feels as though they are in the room each time she enters.
You made our anniversary special!
Thank you!  “


Sherlock, oil on linen canvas, 30”X40”