Jean-Antoine Norbert made a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that is on permanent display at the British Consulate NYC. His work was sold twice in the Art auction “Take home a nude” at Sotheby’s. He has exhibited at Gallery Claire de Villaret, Paris and Michelle Landolt, New York. His work was viewed in numerous shows in New York and Florence Italy. He is the Recipient of The David Schafer Portrait Scholarship and has been a copyist at the Museo del Prado in Madrid. His work is in private collections in New York, Malaysia and Switzerland. He is represented by 107 Bowers Gallery in Jersey City, NJ. He earned an MFA from the New York Academy of Art, a school dedicated to the study of the figure, a diploma from the Angel Academy of Art in Florence Italy and a medical degree from UNIL, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland. He is teaching as a teaching assistant at the New York Academy of Art and he gives critical feedback for art students in New York City. His realist artwork depicts mainly the figure.








Summary of Qualifications


●      17 years of experience as a full-time, fine-art painter.

●      One year of experience as a contract painter at Ygal Ozeri, a large contemporary art studio in New York.

●      Knowledge of recent digital technology as well as multiple paintings techniques - from abstraction to photorealism. 

●      Fluent in French, Italian, and English with intermediate knowledge of German.





2016: Master of Fine Art

New York Academy of Art

111 Franklin Street | New York, NY 10013


The New York Academy of Art is a graduate school that combines intensive technical training in the fine arts with active critical discourse. The Academy believes that rigorously trained artists are ideally equipped to realize their artistic visions and aspirations. Students of the Academy are instructed in traditional methods and techniques and are encouraged to use the skills they acquire in producing vital contemporary art.


The New York Academy of Art was founded in 1982 by artists, scholars, and patrons of the arts, including Andy Warhol, in order to foster a resurgence in the training of figurative and representational art.


2012: Diploma

Angel Academy of Art

Via Nardo di Cione 10 | Firenze 50121 (Italy)
Tel./Fax: +39 055 2466737 | Email:


The program at Angel Academy teaches artistic techniques invented as early as the 1400s and developed over the ensuing 600 years. It is the pedagogical system that created the great masters. Its adherents include Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Velasquez, Rembrandt, van Dyck, Lord Leighton, Alma-Tadema, Bouguereau and, more recently, Annigoni.


1995: Diploma of Medicine

University of Lausanne | UNIL Ecole de médecine

Rue du Bugnon 21, CH-1011 | Lausanne, Switzerland  

Tel. +41 21 692 50 11


Attended medical school and completed the program in 1995. Subsequently worked as Physician’s Assistant MD in Internal Medicine for six months and in Rehabilitation Medicine for one year. Throughout the year-and-a-half of intense immersion in the field of medicine, dissatisfaction with the vocation inspired exploration of other possibilities, the most appealing of which was studio art, particularly painting. Enrollment in artistic education soon followed.



Awards / Honors

 2016: Finalist of the Queen Elizabeth II Portrait Competition Judged by Tracey Emin | British Consulate General 845 Third Avenue | New York, NY 10022

Jean-Antoine Norbert was Finalist of the Queen Elizabeth II Portrait Competition. The British Consulate General in New York organised a portrait competition in 2015 to mark the occasion of the Queen’s tenure as the longest-reigning monarch in British history, with her reign surpassing at the time that of her greatgreat-grandmother, Queen Victoria. The portrait executed for thecompetition is on permanent display at the Consulate.




2015: Recipient of The David Schafer Portrait Scholarship

The David Schafer Portrait Scholarship is awarded to highly skilled artist in the field of portraiture during their graduate studies.



Solo Exhibitions


2016: Memories of Italy (Pop-up Exhibition)

Prosthodonthics of New York | New York, NY

The paintings in this exhibition were produced during the five years in which I resided in Florence, Italy; they were influenced extensively by the history of that city, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and unparalleled center of the art world for more than two hundred years.


2007: Galerie Claire de Villaret

9 Rue Blainville, 75005 | Paris, France

The gallery featured the work of artists from the Latin Quarter, the lively artistic Parisian neighborhood of Paris, long known of as a hub of avant-garde culture with famous residents such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, and Simone de Beauvoir.


2006: Villa Mégroz

Villa Mégroz, Le Château | Case postale 190 | 1095 Lutry

The highly regarded Villa Mégroz exhibits the work of local artists.


Group Exhibitions



ArtJam annual art exhibit | Homefont's Artspace | Lawrenceville, NJ



107 Bowers Gallery | Jersey City, NJ



Picturing the Unprintable

Flux Factory | New York, NY

MFA Thesis Exhibition

Wilkinson Gallery | New York, NY

MFA Open Studio

Wilkinson Gallery | New York, NY

Tribeca Ball

Wilkinson Gallery | New York, NY


Wilkinson Gallery | New York, NY



Deck the Walls

Wilkinson Gallery | New York, NY

Breaking the Ice

New York Academy of Art | New York, NY

Take Home a Nude (Art Auction)

Sotheby’s | New York, NY

Art from the Boros III

Denise Bibro Fine Art | Chelsea | New York, NY

MFA Open House

Wilkinson Gallery | New York, NY


The Royalton Hotel | 44th Street | New York, NY

Tribeca Ball

New York Academy of Art | New York, NY



Deck the Walls

Wilkinson Gallery | New York, NY


New York Academy of Art | New York, NY




BWAC Gallery | New York, NY



L’eredità di Annigoni

Villa Bardini | Florence, Italy



Street Art


2013: Madonaro

Florence, Italy

From August to October, I produced paintings - a traditional medium called “Madonaro” in which artists create images of the Virgin Mary and other sacred pictures - on the sidewalks of Florence, Italy.





2016: The Coffee Art Project

New York Coffee Festival Exhibition | New York, NY

I was a competitor in The Coffee Art Project for the New York Coffee Festival Exhibition. In 2015 the festival was attended by 9,782 coffee lovers and industry professionals from the U.S. and abroad. The Coffee Art Project supports Project Waterfall, which is committed to bringing clean water to communities that grow coffee; thus far, more than £520,000 has been raised and clean water delivered to over 20,000 people in Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Nicaragua.





Fine-Art Painter (contractor)

Ygal Ozeri Studio

Jersey City, NJ


New York City based Israeli painter, Yigal Ozeri, is best known for his large-scale cinematic portraits of young women in vast, transcendent landscapes. His near-photorealistic oil paintings convey the spirit of his subjects, whom he situates in an array of natural settings - from abundant rain forests to austere deserts. Thousands of tiny brushstrokes animate his life-like paintings, which are products of remarkable realism, distinct beauty, and seductive power.


As a contract painter for Ygal Ozeri, I am directly involved in the creation of his paintings from inception to finished product. The production process, in brief, includes creating the initial drawing with oil paints directly on the canvas and then adding layer after layer of oil point to arrive at the completed painting. The end result is an extremely detailed, photorealistic painting and the creative process demands a tremendous amount of technical virtuosity.

Yigal Ozeri has displayed his works in venues around the world, including Oklahoma City Museum of Art; Kunsthalle Tübingen Museum; Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum; Galerie Dukan and Hourdequin (Paris);  Royal Academy of Arts (London); The Israel Museum; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; , University of Southern California (Los Angeles).

His work is included in the permanent collections of the following prestigious art institutions: Albertina Museum (Vienna); Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection (New York); Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation (New York);; The Israel Museum (Jerusalem); Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; Museum of Modern Art (Haifa); New York City Public Library (New York);; The Krupp Family Foundation (Boston);; Whitney Museum of American Art.

Ozeri is represented by Cabri Intaglio Press, Israel; ESKFF, New York,; Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich; Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam; Galerie Dukan, Paris; Galerie Impakto, , Barcelona; GE Galeria, Mexico; Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York; Opera Gallery. Hong Kong.



Fine-Art Painter (contract)

Ygal Ozeri Studio | Jersey City, NJ


Assistant to general Curator and Exhibition Installation

Curatorial Committee | The New York Academy of Art | New York, NY

I was a member of the curatorial committee for the exhibition, Momentum, NYC. I worked as an assistant to Heidi Elbers ; additionally, I worked with four other artists to install the exhibition.



Portrait commission, Amanda Gan: “Impossible to Sleep under Pressure”Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2014       


Portraiture Demonstration Florence, Italy

Instructed students from Québec high school, Sainte-Thérèse, in how to produce portraits using chalk on paper. Also gave a lecture on portraiture for the class.



Copyist, Fine Art Painting

Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain

Painted a copy of the Diego Velasquez’s Portrait of Sebastián de Morra; the copy was produced during a three-week period and in front of the original.



Substitute Teacher

Lonay, Switzerland

Substitute teaching at a junior high school, Lonay-Préverenges, for four months.



Art Teacher Substitute

Bussigny | Lausanne, Switzerland

Substitute teaching for junior high school art courses at Crissier and Bussigny.



Self-Employed Fine Art Painter

Belmont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland

Secured a studio and began painting and sculpting on a full-time basis; produced work for the future exhibition at the Villa Mégroz in 2006.



Food Service/Waiter

Domaine de la Gracieuse | Lonay, Switzerland




Lausanne, Switzerland

Internships with various companies with the objective of exploring manual

craftsmanship in ironwork, carpentry and stone-cutting.


Food Service/Waiter

La Strada | Lausanne, Switzerland



Windsurfing Instructor

Club Méditerranée | Foça, Turkey | Sainte-Lucie Island, Caribbean.



Physician’s Assistant MD, Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. M.Baechler | Chamblon-sur-Yverdon Hospital, Switzerland



Physician’s Assistant MD, Internal Medicine

Dr. B.Haldiman | Sierre-Loèche, Switzerland





2017: International Contemporary Artist, Vol XII, Art Reveal Magazine, no. 30.

The article include my artist statement.


Art Reveal Magazin

The interview included a complete biography, information concerning my life as a contemporary artist in New York City, and details regarding my career path change from medicine to being a full-time artist.




An in-depth interview, which included a discussion of my career path change. The publication is an enclosure of Le Matin, Dimanche, the most widely-read Sunday newspaper in the Swiss French region.


2016: 24 Heures: Artist Portrait

Interview describing my experience as a painter in New York City and the career change from medicine to art.





2017: Artist’s Talk

Videographer: Dennis Alan City Boy Homesteader

107 Bowers | Jersey City, New Jersey





French: Native speaker

English: Fluent, both speaking and writing

Italian: Fluent, both speaking and writing

German: Intermediate, both speaking and writing