Artist Statement

Jean-Antoine talks about freeing the mind from its chain of suffering so that it can be lighter and express joy. He believes that taking care of himself with inexpensive activities such as, Mindfulness, Yoga, dancing and jogging can make him feel good and leads him to find peace of mind, joy and a possibility to connect to the higher self. Jean-Antoine expresses in his series "From Darkness to light" the feeling of being free in his body.

In Jean-Antoine’s painting the shark is a symbol, so are the other elements. It is a vehicle who transport him towards the object he wants or desire to connect with it. It is not an agression toward women or men, but actually, a vector to be able to meet another individual! Because without aggressivity there is no action. It helps him to step into his fear of the unknown and overcome it!

Jean-Antoine undertakes the theme of Catharsis, the second direction of his work, as an artistic platform where he begins a dialogue with his personal struggles. Catharsis is the “purgation, of the emotions - anger and fear – that brings a release from tension.” (Webster) More precisely, it is the purgation of the emotion that is trapped in a complex; this [purgation] allows for one’s expression as one becomes conscious again. Once the image is created, the catharsis works also on the spectator.” Catharsis is one of the functions of the tragedy entertainment according to Aristotle. It is a question of releasing the spectators of their passions by expressing them symbolically. The tragic entertainment operates, on the spectator, as a purification of the passions” (É Through the portrayal and exploration of struggle and catharsis, Jean-Antoine offers the viewer a chance to release his own psychological tension with visual art.


Jean-Antoine started a new chapter and art direction by doing abstract Art again. More can be found on his instagram acount.





Doppelgänger, wax, polyester and wood, 2016

Doppelgänger, wax, polyester and wood, 2016