Starting Life

This project was born after I did the drawing below, realized according to my imagination. It was a nice period where I would sit at my desk to draw as the first thing in the morning ( almost every day..).

I quickly wanted to transform this incredible drawing into a sculpture. The below photo is the first step in the mold making process, pouring the rubber on the oil clay sculpture. The arms are casted separately to ease the process. This step looks totally amazing to me and I wanted to share it with you. The glossiness as well as the color makes him alive! The cut arms are painful though!

The finished sculpture, the oil clay version, is as below. It is in the process of being casted in Bronze. The patina will actually be guilded with golden leaves.

Starting LIfe 4.jpg

In this work I speak about the energy of life or life energy forces from the spiritual and biological point of view. I speak about this potential of life that we receive at our birth. Of this potential so fragile as it requires throughout our life to be recognized, strengthen, saved, reaffirmed … This work is symbolic of that potential and of any projects I love and I wish to lead on the road to success! It is also a symbol of our children that we wish to see fly with their own wings towards a future of happiness. It is best express by the french saying “Voler de ses propres ailes”!
Finally, I just applied to a call for Public Art from VIsarte with this sculpture and I draw it to show how it would look like. I hope you enjoyed the creative process and see one of the many steps in realization of a Bronze sculpture. The next post will be on the next step in the Bronze casting process, the wax version of the sculpture.  Please like or leave a comment below! thank you!