Portrait Drawing Class

Portrait class-4.jpg

Weekly Class

In this ongoing portrait class, we are guiding you towards drawing from a live model. It is a step by step method that breaks down the realization of a portrait in a lot of steps all simple to do. 

Individualised teaching

It has a maximum of 5 students to ensure an individual follow up.


You will explore the following technique: Pencil, Charcoal, Grisaille Oil painting, Limited Palette Oil painting and finally Color Oil painting.

Each class starts with a demonstration or a lecture. 


Mana Contemporary Studio #B66 888 Newark Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07306

Class are held in my studio #B66. By attending the class in my studio, you benefit from the environment of a contemporary art studio and the Mana Contemporary stimulating Art center.


Every Friday, 6-8pm

For more information: jean.antoine.norbert@gmail.com